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The Bridge Tables See Some Activity Once Again


Online bridge games continue to be a source of entertainment for a lot of us. And it’s all thanks to our BridgeBaseOnline host Mr. MBV Subrahmanyam, a director with the Bridge Federation of India, who has given us this privilege along with the help of our own members Ranjith Raghavan, Poornachandra V. and Naresh Mehta.We look forward to playing bridge at the club in the coming weeks.


On the 18th of January this year, some of us met at the club to play bridge. It was very enjoyable along with cups of tea and delicious lip smacking snacks.
On 25th Jan evening we met at the club again to play bridge. We hope to continue this and see more members join us and feel the thrill of playing bridge at the table again.

Regular weekly bridge and sponsored tournaments will re-commence at the club premises from Thursday, April 14. Arrangements are being made to ensure that the players are well accommodated and basic snacks, tea, coffee and cool drinks are made available.

Cheers to more bridging!

Capt.S. Seshadri
Capt.S. Seshadri
Vice-President and Member-In-charge, Service and Bridge


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