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Improvements To The Gym Mag Newsletter


We are happy to announce that the December-January edition of the Gym Magazine newsletter has been very well recieved and has shown a large improvement in deliverabilty when compared to the previous editions.

Getting into some of the statistics, a resounding 45% of members opened the mail(1488 out of 3268) which is a marked improvement from only 20% for the November edition. The number of members who didn’t receive the mail due to soft and hard bounces has also reduced significantly.

The newsletter has seen a few important changes and additions.

The Gym Magazine is now completely online which has made accessibility much easier.

The emailer has been simplified greatly to highlight the content in the website.

The formatting of the emailer was also changed to suit mobile friendly viewing.

We also have great writers like Reena Chandrashekar, Himani Datar and Geeta Doctor who provided very interesting articles for the magazine.

Of course, the efforts of the newsletter subcomittee consisting of Poornima Vishwanathan, Himani Datar, Zarin Mistry and Rukmini Amirapu and support from the General Committee also played an important role in the success of the latest edition. Hopefully this trend will continue for the editions to come.

Sandilya Venkatesh


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