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Book Reviews Of A Few New Additions By Zarin Mistry


Books are constantly being added to our library. Please find brief reviews of some of them

COLABA – Shabnam Minwalla

Even if you haven’t visited it, you’ve surely heard about Colaba, Bombay’s most fabled neighbourhood. Journalist and author Shabnam Minwalla is best qualified to weave its fascinating story as it is in her neck of the woods. With nuggets of history and vivid recollections of the past, Minwalla takes us on a charming journey down memory lane. Colaba is truly unique, a colourful potpourri of personalities, cultures, cuisines, art, fashion and flair from the highbrow right to the seamy side of its by-lanes. Minwalla’s style is chatty, witty and engrossing.




Mehru Jaffer’s short biography of Lucknow captures the glory days of the city’s past. Lucknow was once the confluence of art, craft and culture. Mira Nair’s “A Suitable Boy” was filmed here. La Martinique, one of India’s premier educational institutions, is also in Lucknow. The city’s exalted times were between the 18th and 19th centuries. The famous chikankari embroidery is a product of this city which embodies the essence of both Hindu and Muslim cultures. Jaffer infuses the city’s history with poetry and passion.





Josy Joseph is an award-winning journalist. In “The Silent Coup’, he offers us an in-depth look into insurgency and terrorism in the country and how our intelligence agencies have dealt with situations, often in unethical ways like staging coups and faking and framing evidence. His book covers many explosive situations like the Kashmir problem, Mumbai Terror Attacks, hijacks, the flight of the Pandits and a very interesting chapter on Sri Lanka’s devastating civil war. Lack of communication between agencies has often resulted in chaos. This is a must read for the politically aware Indian.



TIANANMEN SQUARE 1989 – Vijay Gokhale

We all remember the event but are not aware of the political issues behind the scenes. As a young diplomat on the scene, Vijay Gokhale has presented an in-depth perspective of how events unfolded, the main players, the students revolt and the harsh crackdown by the authorities. This was an upheaval the Government, especially the current regime, would gladly wipe off our collective memory. A simple yet insightful and exciting read for all of us.




Bombay Balchao is a delightful read on a mild Sunday afternoon. The author dips into her childhood memories and presents us with a light-hearted, quirky and romantic look at Goans and Mangaloreans in Cavel, Mumbai.  We are captivated by the passion, enmity, friendship, hatred, disappointment & ambitions of the residents of Pope’s Colony.A fine sense of humour runs through all the tales.The food, fashion and opinions of the community come alive in this delightful collection. A soothing balm in these troubled times.


Zarin Mistry
Zarin Mistry is a contributor to the Madras Gymkhana Club Magazine


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