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Book Reading Of Kipling’s Daughter By Shreekumar Varma


Many of us see the eminent  Mr Shreekumar Varma , sitting  in the club lawns , little knowing the brilliance of his work.

The  MGC library , took the  opportunity to invite him for a reading of his latest book. Kipling’s Daughter.

The  book reading was hosted by Mr R Thiagarajan on Saturday, 19th March 2022@ The Rendezvous.

Mr Thiagarajan introduced the speaker and mentioned  his  literary works. Mr Shreekumar Varma , spoke about the background of writing this book. While many of his friends were urging him to write about AngloIndians , it was fate that flashed the nameKipling’s Daughter, on his drive down the ECR .He kept the audience well entertained  by reading episodes / passages from the book.
It was a delightful evening with the author who often quotes  ” I feel like a writer all the time.Except when I am writing!
M.D.V Kumaraswamy
Member Incharge of Tennis,Gym3S and Library


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