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Plans For The Volleyball Court


The Volleyball Sub Committee met on 16th September, 2021, to appoint the Sub-Secretary and Sub-Committee for the current term. As we have a Volley Ball court on the premises, we would like the court to be re-done so that it may be put back on to play once again. We have also got permission from the Management for use of the volley ball court by Members. They are permitted to bring their own teams and coaches to develop the sport by paying a cost for using the facility i.e., Rs. 500/- per session, once the courts are re-done. We also propose to hold an intra and inter-club Volley Ball tournament, like the one which was conducted two years back- wherein we had invited all the prestigious clubs of Chennai to participate. The event was attended by 8 other clubs and needless to say, was a grand success. All interested members may contact the below-mentioned numbers to participate in the Volley Ball intra and inter-club events that are to be conducted in the near future.

K. Manikandan
Member Incharge of Entertainment and Volleyball


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