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Amrutanjan Intra Club Table Tennis Event


The much awaited First Edition of the MGC – Amrutanjan Intra Club Table Tennis event finally got underway on 5th Dec 2021 – Sunday – with many members and families actively participating.There were around 30 active participants representing the different categories – Juniors / Ladies / Open / Masters and Super-Masters.The competition was of the highest  order with many members vying with each other for the coveted Rolling Trophies .The giveaways from Sponsors ( Amrutanjan and India Cements Capital) were distributed amongst members and there were a lot of prizes that were carried by the winners too!

The playing arena ( Rendevouz) was picture perfect for Table Tennis and all members who participated enjoyed the excellent camaraderie. It is not a surprise that the  quality of sports and facilities at Madras Gymkhana Club are one of the best amongst all clubs  across the country

The President of Madras Gymkhana Club – Mr.Sanjay Shroff along with his General Committee comrades – Vice President – Capt.Seshadri , Member-in-Charge of Snooker and Billiards – Mr.M.R.Ravindra, Member-in-Charge of Chess ,DARTs, and  Other Board Games – Mr.Ananda Krishnan , made the evening lively and distributed prizes to the winners

Results of the First Edition of the MGC -Amrutanjan Intra Club Table
Tennis Tournament – held on 5th Dec 2021 – Sunday

Open Singles Finals:
Sharan Sridhar beat C N Sridhar – ( 11-5 , 12-10)
First Runner Up – Sidharath Sahi , Second Runner-up – Navin Ramanathan

Masters Singles Finals:
C N Sridhar beat Sidharath Sahi –  (11-8, 11-9, 3-11, 11-4)
First Runner Up – Col S Ram , Second Runner Up – Navin Ramanathan

Ladies Singles Finals:
Shalini Sivasubramanian beat Antara Bhargav – ( 11-8 , 11-4)
First Runner-up – Sunita Ranjan , Second Runner-up – Harshaa Mehta

Juniors Singles Finals
Abhimanyu Bhargav beat Antara Bhargav  – ( 11-8 , 11.6)
First Runner-up – Rudra Raman

Super- Masters
Harshaa Mehta beat Arvind C Mehta – ( 11-8 , 11-7)

We  are planning to have the next Intra Club TT event at end January/ beginning February 2022. 
Request all members who could not be a part of the event this time to definitely be a part of the next one .
Sidharath Sahi
Sidharath Sahi
Member Incharge Of Swimming,Cricket and Table Tennis


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