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Mouth Watering Improvements to The Catering Service


Dear Members,

It’s been a very busy time in the kitchen. I thank you all for your support over the year gone by. We hope you continue to support us and enjoy the culinary experience that we are trying to improve everyday at the Gymkhana. We have a wide variety of members with different tastes and preferences, and it is important that all of them are satisfied. It has been less than 30 days since the new committee took up office and there have been significant, positive changes in the right direction in every aspect of the Club. We are sharing a few updates from the kitchen.

Sizzlers, steaks, and other club specialties in the continental kitchen have been reintroduced.

Weekend lunch buffets have been started and improved.  A significant increase has been observed, in footfalls for the Saturday Cold Cut Buffet, which has been a tradition for the Club for decades. Special care is going to be taken to offer members a fine dining experience.
A Chinese and tandoor contract caterer has been appointed and instructed to provide hygienic and tasty food along with innovative ideas for bar snacks, combos, and weekend special menus.  Significant measures have been taken to prepare lunch and dinner menus after proper scrutiny and ensure that items are not repeated during the week.

Systems have been put in place for procurement of raw materials to reduce wastage and overstocking. A feedback system has been introduced , where members could send in their suggestions/feedback directly to the catering team. Plans are afoot to regularly introduce new items in the menu.  In September, the Gymkhana Fried Chicken, Chicken Satay, Fudge Brownie, have been introduced, to name a few.

In October, talks are on with vendors of wood-fired pizzas to introduce amazing pizzas and it is hoped that it can be served by the end of October.  Smoothies, milkshakes and ice cream  are to be introduced on the menu.  A multi-cuisine vegetarian buffet will be introduced on weekdays. Food-themed nights once a month, starting with a Gujarati theme night for Navratri will be planned.  The staff will be educated on better plating and presentation.

Vignesh Bhasker
Vignesh Bhasker
Member Incharge of Catering and Digitization


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