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Christmas Grazing Board By Reena


It’s a Grazing Board this Christmas!  Give your Christmas party a punch with exotic foods, salads, dips, cheeses, crackers, sauces,meats ,vegetables, nuts and fruits .

Here’s how to assemble a Mega Grazing board , pairing foods the way you like. There’s no rule as such but let the foods marry in flavour – for example salsas and nachos , kababs and chutneys , hummus and mini pitas, chutneys with kababs , veg or non veg, nuts like, salted almonds, cashews, dates and raisins, bread rolls,  dimsums, cheese varieties, mini fruit pies, the choice is limitless.
It’s all the fashion these days , this interesting assortment of food and it’s economical too.
Decorate your table with flowers, lights and pop open a bottle of wine !!! Serve Mocktails and Punches.

Pineapple Salsa …

 A simple and quick addition to the board.
Pineapple.             1/2 cored and chopped
Bell peppers           1 diced. One red and one green
Small onion.            1 chopped
Rice wine.                1 tbsp
Olive oil.                   1 tbsp
Basil,leaves.             3 tbsp finely chopped
Red chilli flakes.       1 tsp
Salt and pepper to taste1. In a pan, roast pineapple cubes with salt and pepper, and red chilli flakes .
2. Combine with all other ingredients in a bowl drizzling olive oil as you do, toss well and serve with nachos.
Add this to the grazing board along with :Strawberry lemonade
1.  Wash and coarsely chop fresh strawberries   1 cup. Stew them for a minute with a little water and set aside.
2.  Make 4 cups of lemon juice with sugar and combine with the stewed strawberries.
3.  Chill and serve with ice , sprigs of mint or basil and wedges of oranges, set in the bottom of the glass.
Your guests are going to love this !Merry Christmas and Happy  New  Year!

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Reena Chandrashekar
Reena Chandrashekar is a contributor to the Madras Gymkhana Club Magazine


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