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Chess And Darts Activities 2021,2022


We are working out ways to create more awareness among the members about indoor games, so that more members will be inclined to play and participate in these activities. The Chess and Darts fraternity at the Club has witnessed  many regular members competing in Chess and Darts, at any given opportunity.

Intra-club and Inter-club competitions are regular activities where many of our Club members participate and enjoy. After a lull of 2 years, we are looking forward to around 5 Intra-club activities each in Chess and Darts (once in two months)and a high profile Inter-club activity in Feb /March 2022 where some major clubs in Chennai who have Chess and Darts as regular sports will be invited to participate.

The first Intra-club activity is all set to take place on Sunday, 21st November 2021. Children above the age of 14, ladies, gentlemen and veterans will get an opportunity to participate. Details will be sent  shortly.

K.Ananda Krishnan
K.Ananda Krishnan
Member Incharge of Shuttle,Squash,Chess,Darts and Board Games


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