Secretary’s Message October 2021

October, 2021

Dear Members,

We are happy to inform you that a new Committee has taken charge of the affairs of our Club with a determination that has surpassed its own expectations.

Challenges brought about by COVID, industrial unrest and circumstances, have necessitated out-of-the-box thinking to get our Club back on the rails.

While my colleagues have each embarked on reviving programmes, cuisines, sports and entertainment, the

Secretariat has been diligently following up on all statutory requirements and ensuring that they are being settled, one by one.

Effective communication with our membership is a priority and to that effect a Facebook page has been created, as has a Twitter Handle and an Instagram account. We would like this to be a two-way communication between our large diaspora and the Committee.

Fruitful meetings have been held with the Garrison Authorities and with the leaders of the MGC Employees Union. We look forward to enjoying a stable and harmonious relationship with them going forward.

My ‘3 Things You Like to See Changed’ post, has evoked a great response. I have collated 62 great suggestions and farmed them out to all the MICs. We hope to address these one by one, in the fullness of time.

A ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women’ policy has been drafted and an Internal Committee, headed by our member Ms Gitika Mehra, has been constituted. As we go on, SOPs and protocols for various routines will be set.

We need to get footfalls back into the Club by dramatically improving member experience and expectations, which in turn will drive up revenues and shore up our balance sheet. Staff training and facility management are thrust areas and we hope to shortly have industry professionals on board to assist us in this area.

Lastly, much of what we need to do requires capital expenditure. Our Treasurer, Mr. N Kumar is working on the budget and we hope to bring it to you sooner than later and seek your approval for much-needed improvements.

I am always happy to receive your e-mail or calls and I can promise you a reply in 48 hours.

COVID 19 protocols are still in place and I earnestly feel that all of us should practise them and stay safe.

Ishwar Achanta

             Ishwar Achanta
         Honorary Secretary
     Madras Gymkhana Club