Secretary’s Message November 2021

November, 2021

Dear Members

It has been just over two and half months since this Committee took office and I must say that it has been hectic to say the least. Outside of the routine, there have been myriad issues that need sorting out. Starting with administrative issues on pay and perks for the staff, I have had an opportunity to take a look at the way our workforce has been organized. A detailed organogram has been made and I have requested each MIC to revert with adequacy, both in terms of numbers assigned and fitment for the purpose. Several internal transfers have been made keeping in mind the long term requirements but we do hope to have a final plan implemented, in the not too distant future. Post a comprehensive audit of the entire Club and its systems by M/S. Rethink Hospitality Pvt Ltd, discussions are underway to implement upskilling and reskilling of our workforce and a business process reengineering, especially catering and service areas.

The recent rains played havoc with our Club. The extensive accumulation of water on the lawns leading to the library and the gym getting flooded. We had 4 pumps working full speed to bale us out, and despite building a sand bag wall and later, a temporary brick wall at the library entrance, we could barely contain the flooding. A revelation was that many of us perhaps were not mindful of the extent of this annual occurrence. It has therefore become incumbent upon us to permanently mitigate this flooding. To understand this better, a full topography map of the premises will be done and once we have a precise handle on the slopes, lowest points etc, we will prepare a drainage plan and bring it to you. We also had two roof cave ins at the Island Lounge (locked in for several years ) and the Rendezvous. An inspection of the entire roofing of the Club reveals that it’s as porous as Emmental! Reputed companies like Pidilite have been called in to inspect and advise on waterproofing measures.

Members would have noticed that a massive clean-up exercise of our Club property is underway. The huge mound of detritus in the area behind the office has been cleaned up. That area will become an extension of the nursery. The space around the linen room will also be spruced up into more salubrious surrounds. Our lawn which has always been the piece de resistance of our Club did get a makeover but with the devastating rains, more work is needed to get it back into shape. Our MIC Catering, Vignesh Bhaskar has been very innovative in his menu creations and we are seeing a good uptick in members joining us at the Club to partake these gourmet delights, including at the weekend buffets at The Buttery and Lounge, which have recommenced. We do invite your suggestions for menus.

As said before, communicating effectively with members is paramount. Many members have highlighted that they were not getting any mails from the Club. We have updated the records and have found several hundred members who have not provided e mail IDs and mobile numbers and we have written to them ,to the last registered address, to assist us in updating the records. I request our members to give us a call or mail us at if they are not getting any form of communication from us. You would have seen a mail from me on the Club’s landline details and e mail IDs, which I do hope will find a permanent place in your contact list. Recently a WhatsApp messaging system has been put into place. Do save 7305272522 as the MGC WhatsApp number in your phone book to ensure that you don’t miss out on interesting and important communication.

Our MIC Bar T Rajkumar has come up with many attractive deals. The DJ is back at the Club and a Bar Nite is in the offing, subject to weather permitting. The pleasure of seeing a packed Bar, lounge and The Buttery ( COVID protocols included) is a testimony to the special place that MGC has for so many of us. We are opening up more areas of the Club including The Upperdeck, which has been receiving special attention of the members, and the Rendezvous for a la carte dining. Our VP, Capt Sesh is restructuring the service levels and we will make every effort to ensure that member expectations for prompt services are met. An area of concern for us was, upon taking over office, the list of members who have been amiss in paying their monthly bills promptly for various reasons, coupled with the substantial unknown credits.

Our Hon.Treasurer N.Kumar and his team have been burning the midnight oil to bring this vital aspect of Club admin into focus. You would have received a mail from him requesting you to furnish details of payment for August and September bills. I do understand for those of us who make our payments promptly, this mail may cause some grief and I do extend my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause to you. Your cooperation is solicited so that we can set right this vexatious issue, once and for all and move forward. Lastly, I must thank and appreciate the team of Managers led by E Kumar who have responded brilliantly to our call for focused management processes. Members may be interested to know that I have a weekly (Monday) meeting with all Managers to discuss the events of the past week and set targets for the coming weeks. We are approaching a hundred days in office and I would like to express , on behalf of Sanjay Shorff and his Committee, our grateful thanks for the opportunity to be of service to this venerable and august institution.­

Ishwar Achanta.

             Ishwar Achanta
         Honorary Secretary
     Madras Gymkhana Club