Presidents Message December 2021

December, 2021

Seasons Greetings and wishing you all a great year forward.

As 2022 dawns, it brings with it both optimism and scepticism. There’s optimism with increased vaccinations and scepticism because of the arrival of the new variant Omicron. Co- existing with the virus may become the norm of the future. Nevertheless, we, in the committee, are continuing to work towards making the club environment as safe as possible for the members to continue enjoying the club facilities.

Our club has the added advantage of open spaces which makes it safer to visit. The continued increase in the usage of the club facilities by the members is a welcome sign, indicating that the efforts of the respective MICs are paying off. All the programmes, DJ Nites, entertainment events and the buffet sessions have all been well-attended. Sports facilities are witnessing an uptick in usage. The number of parties being hosted by members are increasing, again a good sign. The overall feedback has been more than satisfying and is instrumental in driving the committee to plan and deliver more to the members.

Plans are underway to increase indoor games, as well as other events involving group activities and get- togethers which the members can plan with their friends and families. They should be rolling out over the next few months, subject to Covid restrictions. The committee has also been working on increasing the overall efficiency of the club in areas of HR, administration, finance and communication. On top the list of priorities is the upkeep of the club’s facilities, the limited resources at hand, certainly not being a deterrent.

The committee is committed to continuously improving member experiences in all the areas. I believe that in any organisation, the real measure of success lies in having satisfied customers. Therefore I encourage you all to give us your valuable feedback. This will help us in evaluating our efforts and also help us in improving those areas that need improvement. Looking forward to continued communications, with a hope for a two-way conversation.

Warm Regards
Sanjay Shroff

     Sanjay Shroff
Madras Gymkhana Club