Presidents Message March 2022

March, 2022

Dear Members,

Greetings! Trust you and your family are all doing well. COVID, though on the decline, is still lingering, so I request all of you to keep safe and follow the protocols.

Normally, after the festive month of December, activities in January are subdued. However, the club usage in January was reasonably close to normal levels, which was very encouraging. This was till the evening of January the 28th, 2022, on the ‘83’ movie night, when suddenly the club machinery was brought to a halt by the striking employees of the club. There was mayhem and the entire office was in a state of utter chaos, with some of the office employees being manhandled and our Honorary Secretary being shouted down by the union. Finally, at 11.30 pm, after the intervention by the police, peace and order was restored

I would like to personally thank the General Committee members and their families and also other members of the club, who were present on the evening of 28th January, who contributed their mite in combating the strike effectively. They seamlessly took over the functioning of the Food & Beverage section and took responsibilities in the kitchen, bar and the co-ordination of orders. They further stepped up their effort by actually serving the members. The spirit that they displayed in that hour of crisis was just so heartening, that a small word like “Thank you” is dwarfed by their contribution and effort.

You all are aware of the Illegal Strike which continues till the time of writing out this message. To end the impasse, the General Committee has been exploring various options of direct talks and also talks through the Government. The effort will continue, however, the solution will need to ensure that the financial and administrative health augurs well for both the club and its employees.

Your committee understands and appreciates that an institution’s success lies in its satisfied employees. The committee also has been empathetic and compassionate in their approach towards this end, appreciating the tough COVID period and the uncertain year of 2021. The General Committee released funds of close to Rs.150/- lakhs within a span of 45 days towards the dues of 2020 and 2021.

I thank all the members who have written as well as called in, expressing their unflinching support to the committee and endorsing the stand of the committee. This has really encouraged the committee to remain steadfast. I look forward to the continued support, guidance and suggestions from you, the General Body, on a regular basis. I will remain in touch through this medium.

Warm Regards

Sanjay Shroff


     Sanjay Shroff
Madras Gymkhana Club