Presidents Message May 2022

May, 2022

Dear Members,

Greetings! From the last communication to now, plenty has happened. Not sure where to begin, but I must admit that it was a challenge that was reasonably well traversed, with the club management largely coming out unscathed.

I must thank each and every committee member and you the members, in helping us tide over these trying times and enduring all the hardships. I extend my special appreciation to the Honorary Secretary, who being the first in the firing line, took matters head on without succumbing to pressure and displayed true grit in the time of crisis.

Also I extend my deepest appreciation to the Vice President & Honorary Treasurer who threw in their entire might and stood firm as rocks. The contribution of each committee member was invaluable as each of them stood shoulder to shoulder, as and when required, without flinching, willing to face the onslaught and the consequences.

I received very valuable inputs and advise from members across all age groups and most of all, the patience from you all till the status quo reached its end. We are where we are, because of this unflinching support and it reiterates and reaffirms that together we can!

Again, I express my deepest gratitude for being there when it mattered.

The managing committee is back in action, planning and executing to offer the best to its members. There are plans to increase the variety of cuisines coupled with entertainment and special bar offerings. There are inter club and other such sporting activities underway and I do see a busy calendar till September.

While all this is being held, I would like to take the opportunity and remind all our members that on 23rd July 2022, the club has called for an EGM to consider and approve budgets and special resolutions. The notices must have reached you all by the time you read my communication.

My belief is that, our club boasts of the best available infrastructure in the city. This infrastructure can easily accommodate about 1000+ members on any given day, which includes the space for parking cars which is a scarce commodity these days. However the daily usage of the club, is not even 10% of its membership, including weekends. On special event days, this number may touch approximately 15%.

Lowered usage of the club increases financial challenges, thus burdening the operations due to lack of resources. The upkeep of the club is essential for better patronage. With the club’s resources being moderate, spending on upkeep of the infrastructure is a very tight balance. The managing committee has been working on various avenues to try and up the patronage and will continue its efforts to offer value to its members.

The managing committee is working on improving digitisation to offer better services to its members. The IT infrastructure is also being reviewed to rationalise monthly costs and we are hopeful of completing this over the next 2 months.

The four months of unrest was a setback and has pushed back a few of the plans that the managing committee wanted to implement. We are hopeful that we will make up for the lost time and implement some of these plans, thus increase the value offered to the members. I do solicit your support, so that together we can make clubbing an enjoyable experience.

Warm Regards

Sanjay Shroff


Sanjay Shroff
Madras Gymkhana Club