Swimming Pool Yet To Open Due To Omicron Concerns

We know how anxious everyone is to enter the pool after the long gap due to the pandemic. Now we have another challenge in front of us, the ‘Omicron’ virus. The severity of this variant is not known as yet and we are waiting for government orders before we open the swimming pool for our members. The pool has been cleaned and maintained periodically. Please bear with us until we get government approval. Thank you for your patience.

Sidharath Sahi

Member Incharge Of Swimming,Cricket and Table Tennis

One thought on “Swimming Pool Yet To Open Due To Omicron Concerns

  • January 10, 2022 at 5:05 am

    Government has given permission quite a while back and other clubs have opened their swimming pools too, we should insist on members being double vaccinated and follow the SOP laid out by the government.


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