Dandia Nite and More

The Dandia Nite was a resounding success with a fun-filled ambience, sumptuous Gujarati fare, foot-tapping music and skilful moves on the dance floor. The attendance was large and it was the perfect beginning to many more such evenings to come. ­

At the Golf Annexe, Guindy, plans are on to hold a Musical Night.


­Glimpses of Dandia Nite



There are many activities in the pipeline for the enjoyment and entertainment of our members, subject to good weather conditions. Some of the programmes for November are:
1. Tambola
2. Vintage and Classic Car Display ( for the first time ever in our club, rare unique vintage automobiles will be on show)
3. Movie Night

The month of December brings us:
1. Dog Show ( for the first time ever in our club)
2. Children’s Carnival and Christmas Carols
3. Boxing Day Dance
4. New Year’s Eve

K. Manikandan

Member Incharge of Entertainment and Volleyball

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