Issue #1, October, 2021


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Team Gym Mag.

President's Message


Dear Members,

Greetings! I trust all of you are well and staying safe. The pandemic isn’t over, and we must take all precautions to protect ourselves, as well as our families.

You will be happy to know that the elected members of the committee have got right down to work, armed with their portfolios, to maintain the faith reposed in them by the General Body. The MICs have formed their respective sub-committees and moved into action with immediate effect. With the desire to bring back vibrancy to the Club, each team is working with renewed energy and gusto. This new vigour seems to be rubbing off on the rest of the staff too, as they are all now working with a seemingly infectious energy, enthusiasm and a positive mind frame.

The optimism in the air is apparent, as members have begun to once again enjoy the relaxing ambience of the Club. It will be our endeavour to ensure that the service and entertainment get better with time. We wish to make the Madras Gymkhana Club a much sought-after place, where each one of you can take pride in being its member.

The General Committee’s suggestions and decisions are being ably handled by the MICs, and they have the full support of the Honorary Secretary who is aiding them to fulfil their tasks successfully.

The uncertainties due to COVID have posed many challenges; however, the Committee is addressing the situation and handling the difficulties well, putting in 100% of their efforts. Needless to say, it is an absolute pleasure working with such a dynamic team. So, thank you for electing this dream team!

The Committee has thought up some immediate plans and activities, which will soon be put into action, and I am sure you will enjoy the results. Though we still have a long way to go, the Committee is confident that we will reach our goals and objectives with your continuing support. Let us together, truly make the Club our home away from home.

We keep our eyes on the stars, but our feet are firmly on the ground’ – that’s what we stand for – raised ideals, but grounded thinking.

Sanjay Shroff

Hon. Secretary's Message


Dear Members,


We are happy to inform you that a new Committee has taken charge of the affairs of our Club with a determination that has surpassed its own expectations.


Challenges brought about by COVID, industrial unrest and circumstances, have necessitated out-of-the-box thinking to get our Club back on the rails.


While my colleagues have each embarked on reviving programmes, cuisines, sports and entertainment, the Secretariat has been diligently following up on all statutory requirements and ensuring that they are being settled, one by one.


Effective communication with our membership is a priority and to that effect a Facebook page has been created, as has a Twitter Handle and an Instagram account. We would like this to be a two-way communication between our large diaspora and the Committee.


Fruitful meetings have been held with the Garrison Authorities and with the leaders of the MGC Employees Union. We look forward to enjoying a stable and harmonious relationship with them going forward.


My ‘3 Things You Like to See Changed’ post, has evoked a great response. I have collated 62 great suggestions and farmed them out to all the MICs. We hope to address these one by one, in the fullness of time.


A ‘Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women’ policy has been drafted and an Internal Committee, headed by our member Ms Gitika Mehra, has been constituted. As we go on, SOPs and protocols for various routines will be set.


We need to get footfalls back into the Club by dramatically improving member experience and expectations, which in turn will drive up revenues and shore up our balance sheet. Staff training and facility management are thrust areas and we hope to shortly have industry professionals on board to assist us in this area.


Lastly, much of what we need to do requires capital expenditure. Our Treasurer, Mr. N Kumar is working on the budget and we hope to bring it to you sooner than later and seek your approval for much-needed improvements.

I am always happy to receive your e-mail or calls and I can promise you a reply in 48 hours.


COVID 19 protocols are still in place and I earnestly feel that all of us should practise them and stay safe.

Warmly, Ishwar Achanta Hon.Secretary.




Capt Seshadri – MIC

Wg. Cdr. S.K.John – Sub-Secretary


Ever since the lockdown in March 2020, Bridge is being played online by our members, primarily on the Bridge Base Online
Application (BBO) platform.

The MGC weekly tournament traditionally held every Thursday in our club is now conducted on BBO. On an average, 45 players take
part in this weekly event. This will continue in October 2021 also. We await instructions from the TN government about
restarting Bridge tournaments on our premises.

Bridge Beginners classes were on at the time of lockdown with a batch of 24 players. Physical classes had to be discontinued,
but mentors carried out the training online. Some of these players have now started participating in our tournaments.

Members who wish to play Bridge at the Club can form small groups and use the premises for the same.



Capt Seshadri – MIC

A comprehensive study is being undertaken to reorganise the service personnel and duties for better efficiency. Training programmes are proposed to guide all personnel in table layout, customer interaction, manners, conduct and personal appearance, including attire. All staff are being sensitised to interact amicably with members to make your experience pleasant and
memorable. Tabs are being introduced to replace KOTs. (Kitchen Order Tickets)


Vignesh Bhasker – MIC
Apurv Dugar – Sub Secretary
Dear Members,

It’s been a very busy time in the kitchen. I thank you all for your support over the year gone by. We hope you continue to
support us and enjoy the culinary experience that we are trying to improve everyday at the Gymkhana. We have a wide variety of
members with different tastes and preferences, and it is important that all of them are satisfied. It has been less than 30 days
since the new committee took up office and there have been significant, positive changes in the right direction in every aspect
of the Club. We are sharing a few updates from the kitchen.

Sizzlers, steaks, and other club specialties in the continental kitchen have been reintroduced.

Weekend lunch buffets have been started and improved. A significant increase has been observed, in footfalls for the Saturday
Cold Cut Buffet, which has been a tradition for the Club for decades. Special care is going to be taken to offer members a fine
dining experience.
A Chinese and tandoor contract caterer has been appointed and instructed to provide hygienic and tasty food along with
innovative ideas for bar snacks, combos, and weekend special menus. Significant measures have been taken to prepare lunch and
dinner menus after proper scrutiny and ensure that items are not repeated during the week.
Systems have been put in place for procurement of raw materials to reduce wastage and overstocking. A feedback system has been
introduced , where members could send in their suggestions/feedback directly to the catering team. Plans are afoot to regularly
introduce new items in the menu. In September, the Gymkhana Fried Chicken, Chicken Satay, Fudge Brownie, have been introduced,
to name a few.

In October, talks are on with vendors of wood-fired pizzas to introduce amazing pizzas and it is hoped that it can be served by
the end October. Smoothies, milkshakes and ice cream are to be introduced on the menu. A multi-cuisine vegetarian buffet will
be introduced on weekdays. Food-themed nights once a month, starting with a Gujarati theme night for Navratri will be planned.
The staff will be educated on better plating and presentation.


Arvind C. Mehta – MIC
Sujeet Oommen – Sub Secretary

Since the lockdown, several of the facilities of the club had been adversely affected by a lack of maintenance and general
disrepair. However, since the new committee has taken over we have been working at cleaning up and fixing many of the
maintenance issues on a war footing. We are pleased to report that a 10 member team comprising of the staff of the club have
been attending to all infrastructural issues one by one and bringing the club back to full functioning order. Many areas of the
club have been cleaned and the lawns have been taken care of resulting in a great turn around as can be seen from the pictures
below. We will continue the work as needed and hope to restore or upgrade all facilities as soon as possible.



Sidharath Sahi – MIC

Rajesh Raheja – Sub-Secretary


It is good to see the Gymkhana getting back into its groove. We are now repairing the damaged cricket nets on which a tree had
fallen. This should be done soon.
We request members and members’ children who play cricket to start practising at the net facility so we can identify new talent
to represent the Club cricket team. A 6-a-side tennis ball cricket tournament to be held on November 28th will be a fun-filled
family event. It will be followed by the Singaram Cricket Trophy in the month of December. We request as many members as
possible to participate and show interest in the above. Till then, take care and stay safe.

Table Tennis


Sidharath Sahi – MIC

CN Sridhar – Sub Secretary


The Table Tennis fraternity at the Club has been built over time with many
regular members knocking the table at any given opportunity. Intra-club and Inter-club matches are regular activities where many
of our Club members participate and enjoy the camaraderie.
After a lull of 2 years due to the pandemic, we are looking forward to around 5 Intra-club activities (once every two months).
We have also planned a high profile All India Inter-club activity in January / February 2022, for which we plan to invite some
major clubs across the country who have Table Tennis as a regular sport.The first Intra- club activity is all set to take
place on Sunday, 7th November 2021, which will involve children, ladies, gentlemen and veterans. Details for the event will be
sent across shortly.
Let us look forward to some happy moments on the table at the Club this 2021-2022!


T Rajkumar – MIC

Suresh Kesavan – Sub-Secretary

Our priority was to ensure a safe atmosphere for the members by following COVID protocols and training the staff to adhere to these requirements. A technical snag forced us to close the Mixed Bar for a few days. The problem has now been sorted out and our members can once again enjoy the cool ambience of our Mixed Bar. Bar offers to members for IPL League matches, starting September 19th, were well-received by the members. We are also in negotiations with other vendors to roll out more offers to the members in the coming months. Further planning is being done for various other events at the Bar.

Chess and Darts


K. Ananda Krishnan –MIC

Ranjith Gopinath – Sub-Secretary

We are working out ways to create more awareness among the members about indoor games, so that more members will be inclined to
play and participate in these activities. The Chess and Darts fraternity at the Club has witnessed many regular members
competing in Chess and Darts, at any given opportunity.

Intra-club and Inter-club competitions are regular activities where many of our Club members participate and enjoy. After a lull
of 2 years, we are looking forward to around 5 Intra-club activities each in Chess and Darts (once in two months)and a high
profile Inter-club activity in Feb /March 2022 where some major clubs in Chennai who have Chess and Darts as regular sports will
be invited to participate.

The first Intra-club activity is all set to take place on Sunday, 21st November 2021. Children above the age of 14, ladies,
gentlemen and veterans will get an opportunity to participate. Details will be sent shortly.



Sidharath Sahi – MIC

Anand Mehta – Sub-Secretary

We have taken up the task of getting the Swimming Pool cleaned and are maintaining it on a daily basis. The anxiety among
members to enter the pool for a swim, post-pandemic, is understandable. We are waiting for the Government Order with respect to
the opening of the pools for everyone.
In the meantime, we have drawn out a plan for the year in which we will be conducting Intra-club and Inter-club swimming
competitions. We have also planned a Swimming Gala sometime in July 2022.
More information on the dates will be given once the Swimming Pool is opened.

Gym 3 S


MDV.Kumaraswamy – MIC

Zarin Mistry – Sub-Secretary


GYM 3S is a niche platform which brings distinguished speakers and world cinema for interested members. Our
Literary Hub organises monthly talks by experts, on a wide and interesting range of topics. Our Cine Club offers movies which
are off the beaten track.
GYM 3S is reviving its activities with a screening of the classic award-winning movie 12 Angry Men on Saturday, 16th
October, 5 pm at The Buttery.
Due to Covid restrictions we can accommodate only 25- 30 members. Please warn in with Mr E Kumar (91766-92765)



Sandiliya Venkatesh –MIC

Renu Lamech – Sub-Secretary


The gymnasium is being sanitised this week and will be regularly sanitised moving forward. All machines and stations are being
serviced and brought to full working order. Multiple group outdoor activities are being planned and will be rolled out on a
monthly/quarterly basis. Members can look forward to a ‘Back to Fitness’ workshop very shortly. We look forward to the members
coming back to the gym as they used to earlier.

Information Technology


Sanjay Shroff – MIC

Sandilya Venkatesh – Co- MIC


We are happy to announce the re-introduction of the Tablet based KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket). Wifi connections are being restored
across the Club. We are exploring the possibility of providing wifi access to members and will have a solution in place
shortly. We are exploring ways to streamline bill payments online and will have that addressed as soon as possible.


Madras Gymkhana Club
#1, Island Ground,
Anna Salai, Chennai – 600002.
Tamil Nadu, India.

Published by Hon. Secretary

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